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Executive Assessment

The Self Renewal Group has extensive experience in doing assessments for executive selection, development and succession planning.

Individual Assessment

A large number of psychometric questionnaires can yield personality profiles for the purpose of assessing employees at all levels. In addition, we have specialist expertise in designing simulations (assessment center exercises) which provide a more in depth assessment and developmental experience  for participants. Assessments can be done at various levels, starting with online questionnaires alone, combining them with an in depth interview to confirm questionnaire themes or using simulations as well. Assessments with interviews can be cost effective when a video conferencing tool is used, such as Skype.

Assessments generally increase in accuracy with the experience of the person conducting them. Online questionnaires can be interpreted by HR staff for a basic level assessment. Alternatively, a specialist assessment professional can conduct an interview to confirm and expand on themes emerging from psychometric profiles. For even greater depth and accuracy, the latter can be supplemented by simulations such as case studies, In Box exercises or role plays. Read more about assessment levels, benefits and cost effectiveness.

There are pros and cons associated with assessments that focus on personality traits versus a more behavioural approach based on an intensive interview and/or simulations. For instance, it can be difficult to translate personality traits into a leadership competency profile. Such complex competencies as strategic thinking, commercial astuteness or customer orientation, for example, are not easy to infer directly from personality traits. Read more about these pros and cons in our article Auditing Leadership Talent

Design of Assessment Centers/Exercises

Any job can be simulated at any organizational level. Role plays, group discussions, In Basket/Case Study exercises provide a more in depth assessment than psychometric questionnaires because particpants are required to demsonstrate what they can do, not just answer questions about themselves. Have a look at our Secrets of Assessment Center Design and Sample list of client organizations where we have designed assessment center programs and exercises. 

SRG Engaging Manager Survey

Survey to measure a manager's ability to engage employees - direct reports complete a survey rating how well their manager engages them and how important each action is to creating a feeling of engagement. It is like 360 except that only the manager's team members complete the survey. Employee engagement surveys typically measure how engaged employees feel across the whole organization. The SRG Engaging Manager Survey focuses on the engagement effectiveness of individual managers. Click here for more detail.

Outsourced Assessment Report Writing.

Organizations that run their own assessment processes often do not have the time to write assessment reports or the necessary expertise and experience. We write assessment reports for a number of consulting firms on this basis.

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